Tree Of Life Bible Studies

"Where are my Champions?", the LORD asked.


Tree Of Life Bible Studies' vision is to raise up a generation of champions like David, Samson, and Joshua, and Esther, Miriam, and Mary.


Alpha—Exploring the Christian Faith. 
Saturdays at 4-5.30 pm. We meet online via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 253 300 3407, Direct Link: 

Password: 3612

Began February 15th. Tuition: Free.


Alpha—Exploring the Christian Faith, is a fun course where you can relax, laugh, eat, and explore the big questions of life: Does life have purpose? Is God real? Is it possible to know him? Would I want to? The course has 8 sessions, so it will last approximately two months. Before taking any of our other courses, we encourage you to first attend Alpha. For more information about Alpha, click here.


Course 1, The Gift—Unleashing the Holy Spirit in our lives. 
Tuesday mornings at 9.30-10.15 am. We meet online via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 253 300 3407, Direct Link: 
Password: 3612

Began April 7th, but you can still join. Tuition: Free. Donations are welcome (you can give by texting GIVE to 253-300-3407). 


The Gift—Unleashing the Holy Spirit in our lives, is an in-depth Bible Study on the person of the Holy Spirit. The course has 48 sessions, so it will last approximately a year. For more information, click here.



All students of Tree Of Life Bible Studies should have completed our introductory course, Alpha–Exploring the Christian Faith, or should intend to do so at the earliest opportunity (read more about Alpha here).


Alpha—Exploring the Christian Faith is FREE. 
The Gift—Unleashing the Holy Spirit in our lives is FREE.


The reason to attend Tree Of Life Bible School is not to get a diploma; it is to eat from the tree of life. We read in Revelation 22:2 that the tree of life has twelve different fruits. That's where the idea of offering twelve courses originated. Each course is like a nourishing fruit. You eat it because it tastes good and because it is good for you. 
I believe that some students will decide to retake courses that they have taken in the past, just because it was delicious and because it made their faith stronger. In a way, a course (or a fruit) is like a supplement. Similar to how your doctor may prescribe more calcium, you may decide that you need to take a certain course again. 

That being said, we will eventually offer a diploma. To receive a Diploma Of Exellence In Ministry Leadership you must complete 10 courses: six foundational courses (Courses 1-6) and four electives (chosen from Courses 7-12). Besides taking these ten courses, in order to receive the diploma you must also document your growing involvement in practical ministry.



Our goal is for you to be able to start Tree Of Life Bible Studies every month. Contact Pastor Dan, to find out how best to proceed. Email:

"Alpha—Exploring the Christian Faith" began February 15th. The next Alpha course will begin in May.
"The Gift—Unleashing the Holy Spirit in our lives" begins April 7th. The next course will begin in June.

Do you have questions? Call or text 253-300-3407 or email

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