Try God

The 24-hour Challenge

In a lifetime, we spend thousands of hours sleeping, going to school, working, etc. We invite you to spend less than 24 of them with us discovering if Jesus is for real. We offer 4 ways to explore Jesus:

Our top recommendation is to try our alpha course. Alpha was made especially for those who have not yet made up their minds about God. Spend eight weeks with us eating delicious food and talking about life's biggest questions, like why am I here, what's my purpose, and is there more to life than this? Begins February 15th.

Learn more here.

If you prefer singing to talking, we invite you to join our choir: Tacoma Gospel Choir.


We sing songs that explore topics like: Where is God when we're hurting and is there hope in a hopeless world?​

Learn more here.

If you prefer to listen to others sing and talk, I recommend checking out The Catacombs.


Every Saturday at 6 pm,
The Catacombs features free coffee, live music, and vibrant testimonies like the one in this video. Learn more here.

If you are longing for a time when you can just worship Jesus, check out our Worship Night, Sundays at 6 pm. This is our main service. We begin with half an hour of worship; then we share a message that builds faith.


Learn more here.


We hope to see you at church on Sunday:

Potluck at 5 pm
Worship Night at 6 pm 

626 N Skyline Dr, Tacoma, 98406 WA.

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